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Winter Reading Web Banner

This challenge has now closed! Thanks for participating!

2024 Winter Reading Challenge Bingo

This January, we’re challenging you to make reading a habit. Set your own reading goals for the year, then get started this month!

Mark off your Bingo squares with Beanstack or download a paper copy of the Bingo card.

  • Stop by the library for a special edition holographic sticker just for registering for the challenge.
  • When you get your first BINGO, you’ll be entered in a drawing for library swag.
  • Fill the whole card to earn an extra entry for the drawing.

Challenge begins January 1 and ends on January 31, 2024.

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BINGO Card Activities

  • Reading Streak! Read 3 Days in A Row 
    Great job! Even if you read one minute or one hour, you have started the beginning of a good reading habit, and we think that's cool. We know habits can be hard to keep, so each time you read 3 days in a row, you can mark a designated square. 
  • Set A Reading Goal for 2024
    Maybe it's a specific number of books, or maybe it's just spending more time reading. You can set a goal of joining a Book Club, reading more genres, or keeping a Reading Journal. The goal is up to you!
  • Read A Book Suggested by Someone Else
    Ask a friend, a neighbor or the barista at the coffee shop what they have read and liked lately. NPR has a great list, or you can check out the CRCPL Staff Book Rec list
  • Learn A New Word
    Maybe you came across a word you didn't know while reading. Take a moment, look it up, and learn its definition. Want to learn a new word in a different language? You can log in with your library card to Transparent Language, a free online resource that offers instructions in 104 languages.
  • Solve A Puzzle
    The Main Library has a free jigsaw puzzle swap -- you can stop in and pick one up whether you have an old one or not. Find a word search or puzzle online. Or, here's an easy crossword puzzle to solve. 
  • Open The Curtains or Take A Walk Outside
    Take a moment and soak in a little Vitamin D and maybe some fresh air. There are some nice and accessible trails at the Ross County Park District or UNESCO's World Heritage Site, Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks. If you'd rather stay in, you can listen to some ambient nature sounds on hoopla or Freegal Music.
  • Read a Book or Article About Winter
    Curl up with a good book that is about winter – check out some of the suggestions from our list.
  • Give Yourself 15 Minutes to Relax
    It's good to take a moment for yourself and be present. You can sit in silence or have some calming music in the background
  • Learn Something New
    It’s always exciting to delve into a topic that interests you. Oxford's Very Short Introductions offers introductions to a variety of subjects. Find amazing facts about history, animals, science, and more with National Geographic Kids. Or look up a grandparent or local historical name with ProQuest's Ohio Historical Newspapers Collection
  • Make A List Of Things You’re Grateful For
    Practicing gratitude is something that can benefit a person’s outlook and well-being. It can improve relationships and in general, make someone happier. You can keep a journal or just jot down a few moments during the month. You could even make it a daily practice by putting them on a sticky note and hanging them on your mirror to reflect on in the morning.
  • Take A Break From Electronics
    It’s easy to get caught constantly checking your phone or binging a TV show. Maybe find a new recipe to try, or practice some drawing and doodling, or maybe just sit and reflect on your day. 
  • Read A Book with Blue Cover
    There are many shades of blue that can remind you of winter – here are some staff recs if you need some suggestions!
  • Read for 10 Minutes Somewhere Cozy
    Find someplace cozy, and curl up with a good book - for at least 10 minutes! Our libraries have great indoor and outdoor spaces for relaxation and reading.
  • Ask A Librarian for a Recommendation
    Librarians love helping patrons, especially with suggesting books! You can stop by any of our branches, call in and ask, or check out our Winter Reading Staff Picks
  • Enjoy a Warm Beverage
    Cozy up with a warm beverage and a good book this winter. You can even order a book full of hot chocolate recipes from our library catalog!
  • Perform An Act of Kindness
    We all could use a little bit of kindness – hold the door for someone, say hello to a stranger, pick up a piece of trash, send a note or email to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, give your favorite local business a positive reveiw online. These are simple but can mean so much to others. 
  • Read Your Favorite Book from Childhood
    We all have that favorite book from childhood that you couldn’t stop reading. Dig yours out of your bookshelf, or maybe one of our staff recs will spark a memory. 
  • Visit Your Local Library or online at
    Take an afternoon to go inside your local branch, maybe you haven't been in a long time, or visit a new branch you have meant to see. Or, if you can't make it in, visit our website, look through our Resources and Services, and discover something you didn't know we had available. 
  • Write to a Friend or Loved One
    Whether it's a handwritten letter, a postcard, an email, or a quick text message, letter-writing can reduce stress and enhance emotional health.  Connect with a friend or loved one, or even write a letter to yourself. 

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