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Administrative Policy

Section 2: Sponsorship & Donor Recognition


Libraries enrich lives, provide information for work and daily living, and foster informed communities which are essential to a democratic society. In recognition of this important function, communities support the library through public funding. The library’s first priority is to ensure the continuation and growth of this primary relationship—public funding for the public good.

Publicly funded libraries can and do explore other sources of funding, such as grants, gifts, donations, partnerships and sponsorships, to ensure that they provide the best possible services to their communities. Sponsorships are one source of additional support that allows libraries to enhance the level, extend the range, or improve the quality of library services.

To ensure that the partnerships enhance the library’s image and add value to library services, CRCPL will enter into sponsorship agreements that outline the conditions and the benefits of the sponsorship arrangement.


The library has the responsibility to:

  • Protect the principle of intellectual freedom and not permit sponsors to influence the selection of collections, or staff advice and recommendations about library materials.
  • Demonstrate that sponsors further the library’s mission, goals, objectives and priorities, but do not drive the library’s agenda or priorities.
  • Safeguard equity of access to library services and not allow sponsorship agreements to give unfair advantage to, or cause discrimination against, sectors of the community.
  • Avoid endorsement of products or services.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of user records by not selling or providing access to library records to sponsors or any parties.
  • Be sensitive to the local political and social climate and select partners who will enhance the library’s image in the community.
  • Retain the right to refuse sponsorships or gifts.

The library will:

  • Recognize that taxpayers are the main supporters of the library and acknowledge them as such.
  • Know that corporations receive direct benefit for donations through tax receipts.
  • Assure that recognition of sponsors is commensurate with gifts bestowed.
  • Protect the library’s logo from use by corporate sponsors.
  • Maintains refusal rights pertaining to the use of corporate logos on library publications, signage or buildings.
  • Acknowledge gifts and sponsorships equitably by establishing agreements regarding:
    • library board approval for gifts
    • public acknowledgement of gifts, such as press release or ceremonies
    • thanks on written materials, such as annual reports
    • naming of spaces, including:
      • the encouragement of the use of personal over corporate names
      • that plaques or signs be visible, but not focal points of the spaces
      • a written agreement between the library and sponsor that includes size and content specifications for any sign
      • that expectations regarding ongoing acknowledgment be explicit and public in the agreement between the sponsor and the library
      • that sponsor names not be required on ongoing library publicity, such as the webpage or brochures
        retain the right to cancel the agreement if either entity changes name or ownership
  • Retain the right to terminate the agreement if any terms are violated.